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Welcome to Playtech Online: Playtech Online brings you the very best UK online casinos from top providers like NetEnt, IGT, Microgaming, Rival, RTG and of course the best crypto casinos and more.

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We are also hunting down the best online casinos for players in UK, USA, Europe and all around the world!

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N.B. All of the above casinos are mobile friendly.
N.B. Not all of the casinos are on Gamstop or Spelpaus so for self exclusion you will be required to do this manually for the casinos not on Gamstop and/or Spelpaus.
N.B. Live means the casino features live dealer table games such as blackjack, roulette, etc.

Who are Playtech Online?

The Playtech Online team are hardened online casino fans who have been playing land based slots (and fruit machines on cross channel ferries) since the late 1980’s, visiting high street bookmakers since the 1990’s and playing at online casinos and online poker sites and bookies since the mid 2000’s. We are not here to tell you how easy it is to win at an online casino because it isn’t. Yes we have had some major wins in our time with dozens of progressive jackpot wins (from various providers, mainly Playtech but also EGT, NetEnt (Cosmic Fortune), Microgaming (Dark Knight) and a couple of others) ranging from very small wins around the one hundred pounds mark up to the four and five grand mark. Our biggest progressive jackpot wins all came at Playtech online casinos on their Playtech Marvel Jackpots and the newer incarnations the Playtech Age of The Gods Jackpots.

While we have won some big jackpots, we have also won some even bigger wins from betting very big and landing a bonus round at a very very high stake. We should point out though that we are high rollers and understand the risks involved and urge all our fans not to exceed their comfort zone. It really is irresponsible that the casinos and slot providers allow single spin stakes in the high double figures and we urge you to set your limits before you play. You can set your deposit, wager and loss limits at an online casino before you even make your first deposit and this is crucial in remaining in control of your spending.

Cards on the table time: in our lifetimes we have lost far more than we have ever won. Ask any gambler and if they are truly honest with you they will tell you they are down over their lifetime. The house always wins in the end. Just bear this in mind! If you are aware of the risks and dangers and have set your limits and are ready to play responsibly then do so and have fun. But if the fun stops make sure you stop too!

Why did we start this Playtech Online website?

As we have said, we have been gambling for donkeys years. We know how it is to win and to lose but we also know how it is to be shafted by an online casino. Seriously we have had absolute nightmares at many casinos where the customer service never respond or they use delaying tactics after delaying tactics to try and make us frustrated and lose back out withdrawals vefore they are processed. And we have experienced some casinos that just plain refuse to pay out altogether. We want good quality and fast paying casinos who look after their players, simple as that!

The problem though is that there are 100 times more casino affiliate sites than there are even online casinos so trying to find unbiased casino reviews are few and far between. We have trawled through so many liars and frauds but have found some fairly decent reviewers amongst them. And though even the best ones still have their own agendas, favourites and dislikes, we found the only true way of getting real casino ratings is by taking on board the opinions of a number of the best in the industry and together with our own experience and opinions, coming up with one true reflective, independent and unbiased online casino rating.

Another major issue with online casinos is that there are too damned many of them and most are (let’s face it) a bit weak. New online casinos are opening all the time (daily) and most are pathetic copies running on poor quality white label providers back end platforms. We are not oing to waste your time and our time “promoting” these clip joints. So don’t expect 10 new casinos per week like a lot of sites add because you really don’t want to play at most new casinos. A lot really will just steal your money.

We aim to bring you only the best online casinos for players in UK… Australia… USA… Canada… New Zealand… Italy… Bulgaria… Germany… Denmark… Belgium… France… Italia… Nederland… Portugal… Spain… Finland… Asia… the rest of Europe and all around the world!

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