Playtech Progressive Jackpot Slots

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Playtech has a long and proud history of being able to deliver quality progressive jackpot slot machine games to online casino players. At any given time, there are around 30 major progressive jackpot slots housed at Playtech powered casinos, and most of these offer very different progressive jackpot cash prizes.

When the Marvel slots were discontinued, and the Pink Panther and Monty Python: Spamalot progressive jackpot slots were ended, everybody thought that would be it for Playtech. Nonsense. If anything, they have redoubled their efforts to ensure that Playtech progressives are right up there with the best of them. Sure, we miss Spamalot, too, but there are still plenty of quality progressive jackpot slots out there from Playtech to turn you into a multi-millionaire overnight.

Whilst the total list if far too numerous for us to get into too much detail, we can focus on some of the more popular Playtech progressives and give you the run-down on them. If you want to try your hand at some of the best progressive jackpot slots on the net, you can’t go wrong with any of these Playtech titles.

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Age of Gods slots

Designed as a replacement for the now defunct Marvel Mystery Progressive Jackpot Network games, the Age of Gods series have been supplanted by Playtech’s new DC Superhero slots in terms of the thematic successors. However, in terms of features, these Greek mythology-themed games have all the same special bonuses and gameplay options as their Marvel predecessors.

Part of the similarity between the Age of Gods series (which currently numbers 7 slots and 1 progressive roulette game) is the jackpot network. Four randomly triggered progressive jackpots are there to be won (with the same names as the Marvel slots, such as Power and Ultimate Power). When a jackpot is triggered, players can select from a grid of symbols to win progressive prizes which have been worth as much as €972,723 in the past.

Beach Life

Beach Life is one of the oldest progressive jackpot slots developed by Playtech, and it is still going strong. This slot no looks rather primitive, with its day at the beach theme somewhat cheesy. It still attracts a massive crowd, though, even if its progressive is notoriously difficult to win. You need to wager the maximum amount and land jackpot icons on a single specific payline – no small feat, right? On the upside, the biggest win ever recorded on this Playtech progressive is €6.2m, which is not to be sniffed at.

DC Superhero slots

Designed as the true successors to the Marvel slots, the DC Superhero slots come with an almost identical progressive jackpot network to their Marvel ancestors. There has been a slight spot of renaming going on here, with the jackpots taking on the titles such as Grand, Major and Minor, but the way that they are randomly triggered and won essentially remains the same.

These jackpots have already paid out prizes worth as much as €1.2m, despite them being less than a year old. Several Batman and Superman-themed slots can already be played, with many more in the pipeline. The only real difference between these slots and their Marvel predecessors is that these games contain wholly new special features – unlike the Age of Gods series.

Dollar Ball slots

We know what you’re thinking. The Dollar Ball slots are still going? Actually…yes, they are. For anyone not in the know, Dollar Ball slots were the first Playtech progressives to launch. So-called because they required players to wager $1 side-bets in order to stand a chance of winning, players were required to match 5 lottery numbers with those on a scrollbar. Your chances of success were minimal, and you could place the side-bet without actually spinning the reels of the slot, too.

Funnily enough, Dollar Ball slots are still going, and so is the progressive jackpot network which hosts them. It is rare that they draw a crowd, especially since the average win is €50,000, and wins have never been more than €100,000. Still, if you fancy a blast from the past, Dollar Ball slots are still available for you to play.

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Everybody’s Jackpot

playtech jackpot slots

Everybody’s Jackpot is a communal jackpot slot from Playtech. The game was designed like a gameshow and featured a jackpot which when won, would be partially shared amongst other players. Naturally, the player who struck the jackpot prize would win the lion’s share. However, if you happened to have wagered a lot during the week the jackpot prize was won or happened to be playing any kind of wager at the moment when the jackpot was pocketed, you would walk away with a share of the spoils for yourself.

Everybody’s Jackpot can still be played, and its progressive prize typically sits at around €200,000. In the past, players have managed to land wins worth almost half-a-million notes on the game (the biggest win to date is €522,064) and the fact that you don’t have to be playing it to win a share makes it appealing even now.


Gladiator was originally a non-progressive jackpot slot. Then, it proved so popular that Playtech decided to make a Gladiator Jackpot version. Predictably, the jackpot version is far more popular than its non-progressive sister slot (which is amongst the most played slots online in its own right). The way the jackpot is won is the same as the non-progressive is won in the standard edition. Players need to trigger the helmet bonus and match up gold helmets to walk away with the biggest progressive prize.

Based on the 2000 Ridley Scott film of the same name, which starred Russell Crowe as general-turned-gladiator Maximus (who is oddly missing from this game), the Gladiator Jackpot slot has paid out prizes worth €2.3m in the past, and regularly delivers progressive prizes worth over one million notes to its winners on average.

Of course, there are countless other Playtech slots out there, too, so if none of these floats your boat, feel free to try your hand at other amazing Playtech progressive jackpot slots.