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They are hardly the most sought after online casino games, but online scratch cards are still a big lure for players, especially those who fancy quick, fast-paced casino gambling without the need for too much thought.

Online scratch cards are far more common than you might think. Admittedly, any online casino which carries them won’t carry too many different options. The selections are usually petite, but with those that a casino site does carry, you should be able to find something close to what you’re looking for. After all, aren’t all scratch cards them same? Only to the same degree that you might call all online slots the same. Let’s find out more…

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How do online scratch cards work?

No, not all online scratch cards are the same, although, admittedly, they do follow the same format. This is true for slots, too, though, right? You spin, match symbols and win. Well, with online scratch cards, you scratch away squares to match identical symbols and win prizes based on those symbols. Sound familiar?

The parallels between online slots and scratch cards don’t end there, either. Like their more popular cousins, online scratch cards can contain different themes, and believe it or not, some even offer the odd bonus.

Some online scratch cards allow players to choose flexible wagers and others cost a fixed price per game. Just like in slots, the more you wager per card, the larger in value the prizes are going to be.

Players can choose to scratch away each window one by one (with a digital scratcher) or they can click a “reveal all” button for rapid gameplay. In most scratch cards, you’re looking to match 3 identical symbols to win their respectable prize from the paytable. However, in other scratch cards, there is no paytable or symbols, with the cash prizes themselves being hidden behind the windows. The premise is still the same, though, match 3 identical cash prizes to win that figure.

If you happen to be playing an online scratch card with a bonus feature, then that is likely to consist of a cash multiplier, which only takes effect if you happen to have won something.

Do all developers produce scratch cards?

Most major online casino software providers have had a crack at them, but certainly not all of them. Some casino software developers have produced scratch cards which tie-in to their popular slots (such as those developed by Playtech) and others have tried to come up with creative and inventive scratch cards with bonus features (such as Microgaming).

Even so, there aren’t a surplus of titles for you to play. You must remember, online scratch cards have one of the smallest audiences in the online casino world, so there isn’t a big demand for casino software providers to produce them. Because of this, many of the smaller developers have never even considered developing any.

Where can I find online scratch cards?

There are plenty of places where you can find scratch cards online. Online casinos are a safe bet, although many online sportsbooks and bingo sites also carry scratch cards. In American online casinos, they may also be known as “pull tab” games.

Ordinarily, casinos will carry online scratch cards in a special section, where all the other odd-ball games which don’t fit neatly into a category reside. Generally speaking, scratch cards will be found under sections known as Instant Win, Speciality or simply, Other Games genres at casino sites.

Keep in mind that there are specialist gambling sites out there, too. Some even focus solely on online scratch cards. These sites will naturally have an ample supply of scratch cards for you to play.

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