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  • Gambling | The Guardian - 15 February 2019, 12:21 pm

    Regulator to consider use of software to protect vulnerable people and problem gamblers Gambling companies could be forced to provide customers free of charge with software blocking them from betting, under proposals to be considered by the industry regulator.The Gambling Commission has launched a call for evidence looking at ways to better protect vulnerable people and problem gamblers by changing the industry’s code of practice, after identifying weaknesses. Continue reading…Read More

  • Gambling | The Guardian - 13 February 2019, 12:27 pm

    It’s right to curb advertising. But weak new rules don’t tackle gambling’s stranglehold on English footballIt’s a fair bet that the new rules announced today aimed at preventing the gambling industry from targeting children will be welcomed by almost everyone. Who could be against a ban on betting ads popping up on sites, computer games or apps popular with kids, such as the promos that were once embedded in the I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here or Mario Kart apps? Given the extraordinary stats that show no fewer than 370,000 children aged 11 to 16 gamble each week – with 25,000 of those classed as problem gamblers – surely any move to keep young eyes away from temptation is to be applauded. Related: Gambling ads to be banned from child-friendly sites and games Continue reading…Read More

  • Gambling | The Guardian - 13 February 2019, 12:01 am

    New rules also prohibit celebrities who look under-25 from appearing in promotionsGambling adverts will no longer be allowed to appear on websites or in computer games that are popular with children, under new rules designed to stop irresponsible gambling.Bookmakers will be required to use every targeting tool possible to ensure online gambling promotions are not seen by under-18s. They will also have to avoid placing gambling adverts on parts of websites that are popular with children, and stop using celebrities or other people who appear to be under 25 in their promotions. Continue reading…Read More

  • Gambling | The Guardian - 12 February 2019, 6:58 pm

    Drop-off follows overdue intervention in industry adept at parting punters from their cashLife moves quickly in the daredevil world of financial spread betting, where paper profits can turn into real losses in no time at all. Just ask Plus500, one company catering for retail punters’ appetite for making leveraged bets on the short-term price movements of shares, commodities, currencies and even cryptocurrencies.Back in December, Plus500 said it had “performed well” even after regulators had imposed a few industry-wide restrictions on risk-taking to protect amateur traders from their own bullishness. And now? It thinks revenues will be hit this year and profits will be “materially lower” than City forecasts. Cue a 31% fall in the share price. Related: In spread betting, the house wins. But maybe not this time Related: Michael O’Leary to step back from day-to-day running of Ryanair Related: Debenhams secures £40m lifeline as it battles for survival Continue reading…Read More

  • Gambling | The Guardian - 8 February 2019, 1:06 pm

    Regulator to seek assurances after staff ‘incentivised to encourage FOBT use’The gambling regulator is to seek assurances from Ladbrokes about its commitment to stopping problem gambling, after the Guardian uncovered evidence that staff are being incentivised to encourage customers to play slot machines.Three staff members at Ladbrokes separately revealed that the company had introduced an incentive scheme last year, as it became clear that the government was likely to reduce the maximum stake on lucrative fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs). Continue reading…Read More

  • Gambling | The Guardian - 6 February 2019, 12:01 am

    ASA says app sponsored by Tombola did not do enough to protect under-18sThe advertising watchdog has banned gambling ads that ran in ITV’s I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here app for breaking rules designed to protect children from being encouraged to bet.The app for the most recent series was sponsored by Tombola, an online bingo, casino and slots company, which ran ads featuring phrases such as: “A chance to win a share of £250,000 for free” when users sign up to vote on the TV show. Continue reading…Read More

  • Gambling | The Guardian - 5 February 2019, 6:26 pm

    Bookmaker to close 1,000 of its 3,500 shops with redundancies decided by ranking systemBookmaker Ladbrokes Coral is telling shop staff to sign up as many gamblers as possible to online accounts if they want to avoid being among 5,000 employees it plans to make redundant, the Guardian has learned.According to letters circulated among employees – and seen by the Guardian – the bookmaker will close up to 1,000 of its 3,500 shops over the next 18 to 24 months, blaming imminent curbs on £100-per-spin fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs). Continue reading…Read More

  • Gambling | The Guardian - 31 January 2019, 3:23 pm

    Notice follows use of NDAs in £1m payout by Ladbrokes to victims of problem gamblerThe UK’s Gambling Commission has warned the industry over the use of gagging orders, after incidents of consumers being paid substantial sums of money in return for agreeing not to talk to the regulator.In an “industry warning notice”, the commission said it was aware that some companies had included non-disclosure clauses within settlements with consumers, adding that it was continuing its investigation into these. Continue reading…Read More

  • Gambling | The Guardian - 20 January 2019, 7:59 am

    No sooner has one law changed in gambling companies’ favour than another turns against them. Now all bets are off againWhat starts in the US, the cliche goes, inevitably ends up in the UK (burger restaurants, assaulting fellow shoppers on Black Friday and syphilis are favourite examples). But the Americans are not always so keen to embrace our exports.There are, of course, examples of Brits and our brands smashing it in the US: the broadcaster Alistair Cooke, the Beatles and (so the company’s advertising slogan told us) the industrial conglomerate Hanson, which liked to brag how it was “a company from over here that’s doing rather well over there”. But those occasional triumphs are offset with a long list of wonderful-sounding sales pitches that never quite seemed to deliver much – apart from swingeing losses.Investment bank Berenberg said that William Hill was ‘now ripe to be a takeover target’ Continue reading…Read More

  • Gambling | The Guardian - 16 January 2019, 2:44 pm

    • Skrill complied with order to reveal details of McCann’s account• Megan McCann suing bookie for nearly £1m in unpaid winningsA legal case from January 2017 which relates to Megan McCann’s long-running attempt to sue Bet365 for £1m appears to suggest co-operation between Britain’s biggest online bookmaker and the leading money-transfer company, Skrill.McCann is suing Bet365 over a £25,000 bet on four races in Britain and Ireland which was placed and accepted via the firm’s website in June 2016. The winnings due on the bet amount to just over £975,000 but Bet365 has refused to pay out, or return the initial £25,000 stake, because it claims that the stake was provided by a “third party” in contravention of its Terms and Conditions (T&Cs). Related: Talking Horses: Racecourses vow to ban drones giving punters an edge Market Rasen 12.30 Deyrann De Carjac 1.00 Let’s Get At It 1.35 Oregon Gold 2.05 Ontopoftheworld 2.40 A Perfect Gift 3.15 West Wizard 3.45 The Jugopolist Continue reading…Read More

  • Gambling | The Guardian - 13 January 2019, 3:20 pm

    Investigation finds that people who had self-excluded could still place bets onlineTougher ID checks will be brought in to make sure self-excluded gamblers cannot cheat the system to place bets, according to the Gambling Commission.It comes after the head of GamStop, a scheme designed to help problem gamblers, said she was deeply concerned following an investigation by BBC Radio 5 Live that found a gambler who had self-referred could still place bets online by simply changing their user details. Related: Regulator unconvinced by industry problem-gambling measure Continue reading…Read More

  • Gambling | The Guardian - 12 January 2019, 12:01 am

    Industry watchdog to call for evidence on move that would affect billions of pounds of bets a year The government is considering banning the use of credit cards in gambling – a move that would affect billions of pounds worth of bets a year.The culture secretary, Jeremy Wright, said he would haul bookmakers and major retail banks into meetings to discuss concerns that up to 20% of deposits with some gambling firms are made using money that consumers do not actually have. Continue reading…Read More

  • Gambling | The Guardian - 11 January 2019, 12:00 pm

    • Charles and Liz Ritchie’s son Jack killed himself after gambling• ‘The industry targets vulnerable and those already addicted’Campaigners for stronger government regulation of gambling have called for it to be classed as a public health concern and for betting companies to be required to prove their products are safe before being allowed to launch them.Charles and Liz Ritchie, whose son Jack, 24, killed himself after being drawn into gambling at 17, run the campaign Gambling with Lives alongside the parents of other young men whose deaths followed problems with gambling. Related: Revealed: the ‘dire consequences’ of football’s relationship with gambling Related: Best bet to combat gambling? Teach children bookies’ odds don’t add up | Greg Wood Continue reading…Read More

  • Gambling | The Guardian - 10 January 2019, 6:01 pm

    Group of MPs had complained the British Airways ad was glamorising gamblingBritish Airways has withdrawn a TV ad featuring holidaymakers making easy money from slot machines after a group of MPs complained that the airline was glamorising gambling.The decision comes after MPs including the former work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith and the Labour gambling campaigner Carolyn Harris wrote to the company urging it to pull the “ill-judged” advertisement. Continue reading…Read More

  • Gambling | The Guardian - 10 January 2019, 2:02 pm

    • Some young men cannot watch games without multiple bets• ‘Gambling is the worst addiction,’ major new study is toldThe relentless involvement of betting companies in football has drawn a generation of young men into strongly associating their support for the game with gambling, leading to “dire consequences” for many, a study has found.The explosion in marketing and sponsorship since the last Labour government deregulated gambling in 2005, combined with the ease of online betting via smartphones, has resulted in the “gamblification” of watching football, according to research conducted by Dr Darragh McGee of the University of Bath. Related: Best bet to combat gambling? Teach children bookies’ odds don’t add up | Greg Wood Gambling promises a route to wealth, social capital and masculine affirmation yet most end up in a cycle of indebtedness Continue reading…Read More

  • Gambling | The Guardian - 9 January 2019, 4:31 pm

    Police believe Adul Saosongyang bought a second scratch-off ticket and swapped it with the winning oneA 35-year-old man from Vacaville, California, was arrested on Monday, believed to have stolen a lottery ticket worth $10m from his roommate. Adul Saosongyang was greeted by Vacaville police as he attempted to collect the jackpot from lottery officials.As heists go, Saosongyang’s was not the most foolproof plan. On 20 December 2018, his roommate, whose identity has not been revealed by police, went to a Lucky convenience store in Vacaville hoping for some holiday good fortune and spent $30 on a scratch-off lottery ticket. Continue reading…Read More

  • Gambling | The Guardian - 8 January 2019, 7:24 pm

    Complaints made to industry regulator as MPs accuse airline of glamorising gamblingBritish Airways has been accused of glamorising gambling after it ran a television commercial featuring a couple easily winning money on slot machines, triggering complaints to the advertising regulator and anger from MPs and campaigners.The advert, for British Airways Holidays, shows a couple returning to their room via what appears to be a hotel casino after a dip in the swimming pool.Surely I can’t be the only person outraged by the new British Airways ad and the way it glorifies gambling? @British_Airways Continue reading…Read More

  • Gambling | The Guardian - 4 January 2019, 3:58 pm

    Robert and Avril Smith sold thousands of tickets but broke Gambling Commission rules In November 2015, Avril and Robert Smith’s lives changed forever. Their 39-year-old daughter died suddenly and the family home became too many painful to remain in.After repeated attempts to sell the house via conventional methods, including three price reductions, they were unable to secure a buyer. Continue reading…Read More

  • Gambling | The Guardian - 1 January 2019, 11:40 pm

    Single ticket-holder becomes fourth biggest winner in UK historyA single ticket-holder has won £114.9m in the New Year’s Day EuroMillions draw, according to the National Lottery. The ticket-holder is the fourth biggest winner in UK history.A further 10 players pocketed £1m each in the New Year’s Day draw. Andy Carter, a senior winners’ adviser at the National Lottery, said: “What a start to 2019 for UK EuroMillions players.” Continue reading…Read More

  • Gambling | The Guardian - 17 December 2018, 6:00 am

    Exclusive: bookmaker agreed to payments in return for a pledge not to inform watchdogOne of Britain’s biggest bookmakers agreed to pay £1m to the victims of a problem gambler who had stolen the money he was using to bet, in return for a pledge not to inform the industry regulator.Ladbrokes showered the gambling addict with thousands of pounds-worth of gifts over two years – including free tickets to football matches and business class flights. Continue reading…Read More